The Amazing House of Worth

There is just so much on the incredible father of couture that I could not just write a blurb.  This family dynasty originated in England not Paris as one would expect.   The gowns produced by Charles Frederic worth are each a work of art. He opened his first atelier in Paris in 1858 (probably cause London just wasnt happening for awesome dudes like this guy.  Let me show you some of his work

By 1889 The name of Charles Frederic Worth was definitely the designer logo you wanted on your gown. Truly a master Charles died in 1898 and his sons Jean-Phillippe and Gaston-Lucien took over the famous atelier I think their work  is my personal favorite. These gowns were  truly the creme de la creme of design.

And his sumptous ball gown in black and white

an eye for detail and innovation in design meant the addition of this blue trim to make this dress pop even in 1902

Even as we advanced into the twentieth century the

Worth dynasty did not disappoint as in this 1928 confection

The grandson merged the House of Worth with Paquin in 1954

and the house of Worth was closed in 1956 the label is owned

by Shaneel Enterprises.

All you treasure hunters take note, many many Americans came to Paris to purchase a Worth gown, I believe there are more out there. So never give up you might be in a dusty attic one day and open a trunk filled with them.  Dreaming now.

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